Why classical?

Why not?

I thought I had a certain common ground  when it came to talking about music, but I guess it’s really difficult if you’re talking to somebody who has no idea about the music I listen to. Yes, you’ve heard only two of a million musicians on this blog, but what really gets to me is when somebody has no genuine idea to what classical music is. In this pop, rap, and hip-hop dominated society, having a good conversation with commoners about classical music is one out of a million. We are surrounded by urban culture (if you happen to live in Los Angeles), and it doesnt take any effort to hear the music of today just by turning the radio on. If you take your time and listen to the countless songs being played, there really isn’t any variety that shows music’s true color in diversity. Instead, you have electronic voices telling me to “eff the police,” and “smoke weed, and **** ****** ****** ***. The list really goes on. With a society 100% in total conformity with this culture, sharing your thoughts about such music is almost impossible.

But why classical?

There is something very soothing yet simple from these complex melodies, but what really gets me is the amount of dedication one has towards their craft. I once observed a pianist playing a simple piece of music, then expanding with ferocity into something that cannot be read on a simple piece of paper. Taking a drabby theme and using shear emotion to make into a masterpiece, now you can’t do that with rap. It is a mystery that boggles the mind, but is shown through the expertise that musicians express when playing their instruments. And that is why I am a musician. I can somehow create this beauty that cannot be created anywhere else, and I thank the classics for that.


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