The “Not So” Science Behind Dubstep

You would never see this type of music here, but alas, there is a significant exposure factor that has some “unknown” attraction?

Does the definition of music, “A beat within time” qualify for all musical styles?

As far as I am concerned here, music is considered to be a universal language that is spoken by the rare talented, but understood by everyone. Dub-step may seem very passe to the commoners who ever go close to such “radical” music.

Even this, yes this was considered radical at a time.

Staying true to my musical roots, I HAD to use this type of music as an example. It may be hard to believe, but Ragtime in it’s whole entirety was called the “Devil’s Music,” with its odd rhythmic structure to give someone a heart attack if someone would listen to the syncopated rhythm.

But isn’t Dub step the same thing?

I know, I know; you guys are probably mad a me for saying such a thing on here, but this music is cracking! Literally! If one were to listen to the common song written in the same fashion, you’d see that both share some remarkable similarities!

  • Is/Was criticized by millions
  • People who listen to it are/were called “Devil Worshipers”
  • Is/Was a new type of music that literally evolved overnight and captivated millions

And now the more technicalities:

  • Both are written in syncopated rhythm
  • Dub step is mainly a mash up of triplets
  • Ragtime also uses compilations of various rhythms such as scat, straight, and triplet

I wouldn’t go this far to forget the great composers and virtuous of the past!

Respect the greats!


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