World Anthems – Russia

Today we are going to break apart from what I usually talk about everyday. Today I am going to talk about the anthems of the world – especially Russia.

Those who know me personally already know that I have a HUGE BIAS towards Russia – I have a strong Russian Lineage stemming all the way to the founder of the country, Rurik in 862 AD, and also, Rachmaninoff stems from the motherland as well.

That’s enough of geneology for right now, let’s get into the music.

The Anthem of the Russian Federation, or the “Gosudarstvenny Gimn Rossiyskoy Federatsii” was written by non other than Alexander Vasilyevich Alexandrov. In fact, he is my 8th cousin, twice removed. During the reign of the Soviet Union, the melody remained the same, but the words were changed to honor and praise Stalin:

We were raised by Stalin to be true to the people,
To labour and heroic deeds he inspired us!

If I was a foriegner to hear that, I would have a fit! They are worshiping a crazy leader that did so much wrong to his people. Over 20 million people died because of his tyrany! It was truly the dark ages of Eastern Europe.

Also, this little snipbit of the song fulfills my criteria on what music isn’t and what is:

5. Music that is written for a quantitative and egotistic purpose rather than qualitative and passionate.

This song may sound good to the brainwashed indiviual that worshipped Stalin’s cult of personality who was living in Russia at the time, but to the commoner outside it was regarded as propaganda. And that’s why after Stalin died, Khrushchev started to “de-stalinize” the Soviet Union first and formost reforming the lyrics of the national anthem. They still wanted the anthem to reflect communism, but taking all lyrics about Stalin would suffice. You are still left with some phrasing about Lenin, which still doesn’t beat the purpose:

Through tempests the sun of freedom shone to us,
And the great Lenin illuminated our path,
To a just cause he raised up the peoples,
To labour and heroic deeds he inspired us!

Some mush about Lenin illumiating a path to victory, to work and work and work until you die, to make a dead leader proud… Yadda yadda.

Eventually as we all know, the Soviet Union didn’t last too long. Gorbachev started to open to the West, and the Soviet Union fell in 1991. And with all the new reforms – a new flag,  a new government, the anthem changed once again. The anthem still has some tricky language about pride (IT’S AN ANTHEM FOR CRYING OUT LOUD), but it says a lot about the fields, flowers, the southern seas to the artic. It has truly come a long way from Stalin and his bofoonery.

Russia – our sacred homeland,
Russia – our beloved country.
A mighty will, great glory –
These are your heritage for all time!


Be glorious, our free Fatherland,
Age-old union of fraternal peoples,
Ancestor-given wisdom of the people!
Be glorious, our country! We are proud of you!

From the southern seas to the polar lands
Spread are our forests and fields.
You are unique in the world, one of a kind –
This native land protected by God!


Wide spaces for dreams and for living
Are opened for us by the coming years
Our loyalty to the Fatherland gives us strength.
Thus it was, thus it is and thus it always will be!


Feel the power?




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