The Other 90%

According to the Daily Post, our brains only use up to 10% of our actual brain to do normal human functions. According to John Hopkins University, this is a mere myth. They say that we do use 100% of our brains, but we don’t use it to the full potential.

But what if this was actually, fact?

Me being a musician and loving all things music, I would use this amazing ability to do what I try to do best – to write and compose music in a more intense fashion. I believe with strong intentions that everyone has the ability to create such amazing compositions. Look at the ones who have done so already eg. Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Mahler. Their creativity and amazing use of brain power turned their compositions into a masterful work of art, even redefining and shaping music for future composers.

To create a piece of music is by far one of my greatest abilities that I can be proud of. I’m not here to say that most of my compositions are the best, they’re really not. I like to listen to some of them and try to improve on my ability to create such music that would sound better, if I had enough time to do so. If the utilization of the brain were to be true, I would like to write a whole four piano concertos, a couple symphonies, piano sonatas, etudes, and waltzes in a way to challenge the limits of modern classical music, redefining it for the next generation but keeping the style of Romanticism (or Neo-Romanticism). I don’t seek the fame as such mediocre artists because there is no passion in egotism, nor is there any happiness that follows.

I simply do because I want, not because I am told to do.


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