A Song Tells a Story

Some often listen to music more or less than others (especially myself). We listen to what we want, when we want and as frequent as we want. Some prefer classical, some prefer jazz. Whatever it is we listen to, it reflects our inner soul and being. A contemplative person such like myself would prefer the soft echos and fortes of classical music, opposed to A “cool cat” whose character is desultory would probably prefer more energetic styles of music. It is just the way it is.

But does music reflect onto our inner being?

I certainly think so. The best example in my opinion is the heart wrenching and excogitated sounds of Romantic and Neo-Romantic Classical Music. This music asserted in my perspective is different for someone who has no connection to it. For an example, I had one of my favorite pieces of music, Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto playing in my house to the max. I literally drone the whole piece and open all the windows, making sure to let all the neighborhood understand the impression of such a great composer whose impact still prevails regardless of time’s demise. One day a neighbor knocked on my door and asked me blatantly, “Why do you listen to such depressing music?” Do I seem depressing? I don’t think so. Maybe the underlying impression of the piece is written in a minor key, but has no idea that my explicit interpretation is not on the surface but way farther. I see it as a contemplative and relaxing piece of music that’s inner message is yet to be interpreted in a way that we all hold unique. Rachmaninoff is not for amateur listeners because there is a whole lot of complexity that must be deciphered. When someone then finds their message within a piece, then one can say that a song does tell a story.

It’s your unique story that makes yourself shine in the best way possible, and the best vassal of this is music.


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