The HARD Way or the Hard Easy Fun Way

Within countries that separates culture, language, style and customs also lies the same about music education.

Today I am going to be talking about the two relevant countries that contrast when it comes to music education, Russia and the United States. Yes, these countries have been feuding since the late 1940’s and still today. On a musical aspect for example, we can say that Russia has produced more and more and more classically trained musicians than any country in the world and we can then say that the US has produced many Jazz, Pop, Rock, musicians than anywhere in the world. Besides quantitative figures, there is a big difference when learning music, especially in these countries.

United States

  • Fun
  • Nonchalant
  • Focused wholly on playing
  • Teachers are nice
  • Parents don’t push you to practice
  • There are no competitions
  • You learn at your own pace
  • There are fun methods to learning music i.e. apps, fun books, videos
  • It does get hard at conservatory level but is fun

Most products of this education don’t do anything with their education when they grow up.


  • Not fun at all.
  • Focused on expression and technique.
  • Very stressful
  • Teachers are not here to make friends.
  • Corporal Punishment is the norm
  • Parents make you practice all the time
  • You have no say in what you learn
  • You learn music the “Russian School of Piano” way.
  • There is nothing easy about music education in Russia.

Most products of this education usually become professional musicians or become music teachers in schools.

You can have it the HARD way or the hard easy fun way.

Choose wisely…


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