The Act of Becoming Acquainted with a Master

I’m somewhat back again, my schoolwork has been getting up with me.

In the last week, many good things have been happening to me, especially on a day that was supposed to bring bad luck, Friday the 13th. Yes according to modern folklore and the many superstitious around this world, Friday the 13th is the most feared day in all of the calendar. In my case, it was one of my most luckiest (if you happen to believe in luck). In fact on this very unlucky day, I had the chance to become acquainted with one of my heroes, Musician heroes, that is. That person is none other than the virtuosic genius pianista,  Valentina Lisitsa.

Valentina Lisitsa in my opinion is THE best pianist of our time. Her sheer ability, technique, and emotion is what makes her standout amongst the other virtuosos. She can turn any piece of music, whether it would be a Chopin or Rachmaninoff piece, into something unheard by our generation. Her angelic textures and her exquisite technique will melt any heart that dare witnesses her prowess at the piano. I first heard Valentina’s music seven years ago, when I was 12 years old. It was within her music that I started to develop my own repertoire. I can say that because of her, I have understood the complexity of piano playing, in and out. I have nothing more to say, let the music speak for itself:

Val, you truly are the Queen of Rachmaninoff.


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