The Morality of Music

Most people get their morals from a variety of places: Religion, Spirituality, Philosophy, Ethics. What doesn’t really surprise me is that most approach morality through music. Music in itself is its own language that anyone can understand, but only the select few can have the ability to speak and create it. This of course only applies to the greats of those before our time. But can we extract morality from music itself? The answer is yes.

Each person’s interpretation of the world is in itself the most contrasting and unique facet of humanity. Without the inspiring ideas derived from those who were lucky to get their ideas into the mainstream, this world would cease to exist. In my interpretation as a musician, both ideas of the mind and of sound are equal to each other. To understand the many wise words of the enlightened requires us the person to be trained into understanding the means of linguistics and syntax. Learning to speak, read and write are all things mandated when we are in school. It is second nature to all of us, to me writing this and for you the reader, reading this.

Understanding ideas of the sound are a bit trickier to understand. Those of us with the ability to hear are given no apparent rule to follow to. Since we cannot teach how to hear, we can also assume that it is impossible to learn how we listen to things such as musician. For classically trained musicians, we are taught indirectly how to listen for certain patterns and notes. We can infer a pattern of symbolism in repeating passages in order to assume a meaning or idea, but doing so limits what our minds can do when absorbing music. This is why this is so hard to understand this concept. There is a distinguishing boundary between the realms of the mind and the feel but in musical morality, ideas perceived in mind correlate with moods formed with the heart. We as humans are amazing enough to decipher the moods of certain pieces of music without having to process it mentally. A majority of people think naturally that music written in minor is sad and mournful. I personally think that minor is the most beautiful mode of music. In encompasses such feelings of introspection, contemplation, nostalgia, and realism. It allows me to derive a morality that cannot be formed into mere words for someone to understand because in the end, not every single person is alike in nature and we are all different in our own ways.


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