My Problem With the Contemporaries

If it isn’t the biggest problem that I have, is my problem with the contemporaries. Now since this is a music blog, contemporaries are more or less about music and some about society dribble dabble which transcends through many different styles of music and culture.

Since culture is essential to the collective identities of every single person alive, it is ambiguous to say that all of contemporary music is an anomaly which reflects modern culture. Whether the culture is a collective national or a personal orgin, there are many inconsistencies with the so called music reflecting the cultures of the day. I as say often in my other posts about the importance of individualism, music is reflected more onto the collective cultures than personal of origin. Time does move always forward and never stops for nothing. It is us that causes our minds to stop and go as we please.

Whilst as time goes on and on, people yet to understand from what musicially, comes before them. I’ve heard many people express their disgust for contemporaries of today and frankly, I have quite the same opinion. I don’t have a problem with the industry nor the many cogs and gears that run it, it’s the collective ignorance of today’s music listeners. I love to point out to my various colleagues about the music of the past, but they always seem to turn a blind eye. When I explain to them that music was way more organized and popular in a sense where everyone got along, they go along as well.

Music today is heavily political to only swoon the masses to do accomplish their hidden agenda. Don’t believe me? There is a bias and stigma against all types of music, especially Classical.




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