Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 4

It has been said many times again that I overuse my fondness for the use of Rachmaninoff and his music especially his 2nd Piano Concerto in my posts. For that, I am not sorry.

Today I am going to be talking about Rachmaninoff’s Fourth Piano Concerto exclusively the Second Movement, Largo in C Major. I didn’t really connect with the first and the third movement, but something with the second movement, spoke of value and understanding to me.

Take a listen.

The piece starts off with a reflective passage that almost reminds me of the music of Robert Schumann. The theme is introduced with the piano, later played by the orchestra. The theme varies onto counterpoint revealing the original theme mixing forms and textures. Pure emotion is expressed by Rachmaninoff in the quiet contemplative nature of something mystical. The music does get somewhat angry in the middle with loud fortes and crescendos but then softens to reticent. I get a sorrowful reverberation that moans whilst telling a sorrowful yet strong story. The theme really embodies inner struggle on a primarily minor feel but with a light and high-spirited mood. Very nostalgic and disconsolate in a good way. The piece continues glorifying all things musical and virtuosic, but the piece ends fading away into complete darkness. A longing memory fading away in the recesses of the mind, peace and longing for a place that will never ever come back. It all lays in the nostalgic memory of the holder. In Rachmaninoff’s case, his home, Russia.


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