I had always had a fascination with classical music. Some of my very first moments and memories were shrouded in the sounds of classical music. Even when before I was born, my mother used to play Mozart to me, hoping I would develop a sophisticated liking to it. Apparently it worked so much, I am still to this day shrouded under its mystical veil and have this very blog here about my homage and appreciation for it.

In my very first blog post on December 10th of last year, I talked about the very uniquness of my musicial choices and the basis for this blog:

I am a mere eighteen years old, but there is something very odd about my musical tastes.

That is very true among some sense. I have yet to meet anyone of my age, eighteen years old who seeks to appreciate and consider classical music as their primary musical genre of choice. The only ones who I can think about are those gifted individuals who are in some prestigious music school but for a regular university student in the State of California, I am one out of a million. It is a humling yet simple figure.

Take this into consideration, whenever I am at a classical music concert, the audience is usually in their late 30’s to 70’s, no 20 year olds nor any 18 year olds. I am amongst older people than me, “old timers” and being a young fellow, I am young. Ergo the young timer.


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