Smetana – The Moldau

Today, I am going to talk a little bit about a wonderful piece of music that I stumbled upon recently, Bedrich Smetana’s The Moldau from Ma Vlast.

Although an amalgam of various music textures and moods that was sought as a Nationalist Piece to embody the Moldau River that runs through the Czech Republic, I see it more as a piece that adorns the humanistic element of nature. Now when I mean this element of nature, I am talking about the river itself.

The piece starts off in the beginning embodying the trickle of water from which the river starts. The waters gather in a larger quantity to form the Moldau. The beautiful theme that follows unifies the piece under its Romantic Era composition. It then according to program passes a wedding, a hunting party, then suddenly night falls. Smetana uses every bit of musical creativity to symbolize the smooth waters and the glistening moon. Definitely something dreamy. The sun rises and the theme is reinstated in its Romantic glory. The waters pass through an old castle which is reflected by the brass and slowly crecescendos to a huge end with a small trickle only to be bombarded by the final two chords that finishes the piece off.

Of course I didn’t get a nationalist feel while listening, just a naturist type. Sorry people of the Czech Republic.


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