Tackling Rach 2

By the sight of the title, I bet that half of you guys rolled your eyes at that.


I have put so much thought in this decision to start tackling Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto No. 2. It is a very daunting and daring road ahead of me, but I think that I am actually ready to try again. Reasons why I didn’t finish was simply, it was too scary for me. Yes, call me a wimp all you want. I soon realized that my choice to start learning Rach 2 was one of rashness and uncertainty. Learning any piece of music for whatever reason involves so much time and effort – let’s just say you can’t half ass music, especially a Rachmaninoff piece. I could already foresee the blood, sweat, and tears too come. Sigh.

This time also, I will not be alone for this either. I’ve come across many masters and virtuosos who will be there with me on my journey. Such unnamed heroes *cough* *cough* will be aiding me and helping me on the way. Without their wisdom, knowledge, and experience, I wouldn’t get through this. Let’s just hope that I actually finish what I start this time.

For those who are here for the first time and are wondering why I am making a big deal over “such a old and dusty song,” the fact is that this piece is THE most important piece of music and most beautiful thing ever heard by mere mortals is why I am deciding to do this. I’ve seen the greats play this piece, especially recently by my friend Valentina Lisitsa March 7th. That performance alone made me rethink my current situation as a musician. I have to do this, for me.

Well, here I go! It may take me years before I actually finish this little project. Next, I’ll hit the books and after the toiling and toiling away at the piano, I need to find me an orchestra for me to accompany.

Until then!


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